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In a quest to underscore the nexus that determines the development of societies across the world, it is observed that time and space played a major role alongside the ranging degrees of the socio-cultural antecedents of these societies to trigger the  changes that occurred and clearly defined the patern at which todays agriculture is being practice.

 In Southern Kaduna, over 60% of the people engaged in agriculture, producing both food and cash crops. These parts are largely occupied by diverse ethnic groups amongst which are; Atyap, Aegworog, Bajju, Ham, Gbagyi, Gong, Akulu, Ninzom, Numana, Takad etc.

The historical antecedents have ethnically interconnected these people in one way or the other. The ecological and climatic conditions have favorably contributed to the agricultural development of southern Kaduna. The rainfall is evenly distributed from the months of April to October, which enable a high yield cultivation of food and cash crops such as; Ginger, Soya beans, Oil palm, Maize, Sorghum (guinea corn), Millet, Cassava, Yam tubers etc.

The Southern Kaduna also engage in livestock farming such as; Birds, Fisheries, Pigs etc. which has stimulated job increase in the area. The people believe that agriculture is their way of life which they practice immensely, no wonder they are recognize as a strong force in providing food and development to the Nation.