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Nyenkpa ( YASKWA) of Jema'a

Brief History of the People of NYENKPA ( YASKWA) IN JEMA’A LGA

The origin of the Nyenkpa (yaskwa) people can be trace back to the year 18th century though not known, of the Nyenkpa (yaskwa) people as the named implies is a name derived from the word “El-ankpa” meaning the people with knowledge of herb (leaf).

The hausa-fulani were the rulers then and could not pronounce the word Nyenkpa, it is easier for them to called Yeskwa, that was how this name became more popular than the Nyenkpa.


 The Nyenkpa (yaskwa) have their headquarters in Bede of Jema’a Local Government of Kaduna State as history source as can be seen in the time of the record from National archive Kaduna State of 1st September 1986 (annex 1) provides that the origin of the tribe is obscured. The document also affirmed historical fact that some of the Yeskwa originated from some where in Bauchi state and founded the Yeskwa district  now chiefdom where they settled comfortably since time memorial.


The chiefdom was created along side with other chiefdoms in the year 2000 by HIS Excellency Executive Governor of Kaduna state Alh. Dr. Ahamed Mohammed Makarfi. The leadership of the tribe according to the history which was supported by the certified true copy of record from the National Achieves Kaduna 1st September 1986 (Annex 2) show that the school of Odyong-Nyenpa was in existence even before the advent of the British administration. From the annexed reveals that we have had paramount chiefs in the noble name of:

1.       Igo, who is said to come from Darigo

2.       Meka

3.       Ambwan (c.1990-1912)

4.       Oda (c.1912-1921)

5.       Ibwe (c.1926-1943)

6.       Itate 1947.

There other paramount chief of importance such as Ovurghe, Ozachi Ogijigbe e.t.c. The present Odyong Chief ruling now is HRH Mallam Sako Gajere Ibehy.

The traditional title of the chiefdom is “Nyenkpa Darigo chiefdom” The process of chief selection is done where the chief rulings passes away. It is done when an announcement is made over the death of the Chief (Odyong) old people from various group or village gather together and deliberate weather who is to become the Odyong. The eldest son of the chief is considered if he is fit into the stool of the chief. Where that is possible he is adopted as the new chief.But as development goes on, we have a ruling house who base on merit select a new chief known as Kingmakers, all male sons of Nyenkpa land can be selected on this position.

The selection is done base Nyenkpa, Namzo, Ovargwe and every male child can be elected by kingmakers, the whole power of election lies on the chairman of the Kingmakers.


Just like other communities in Southern Kaduna, the Nyenkpa people are hard working they mostly produce traditional medicine because of their herbal knowledge of leaves. They are good traders, farmers,craftmen.

The Nyenkpa chiefdom have two district namely Barde District and Kava District,

DISTRICT HEAD                                                                  DISTRICT

Mr. Bulus Ejim (Tafidan) Nyenkpa                            Barde

Mal. Shabiri Gimba (Dalatu) Nyenkpa                     Kava

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