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Welcome to the repository of Chiefdoms in Southern Kaduna. All information found herein were sourced directly from the chiefdoms. We are continually updatin g this list and information therein as time affords us. Feel free to send in invites and suggestions.

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Kumana Chiefdom

The Kumana Chiefdom was created on the 1st of January 2001 by Governor Ahamed Mohammed Makarfi’s Administration;

The name of the current chief is Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdullahi who was appointed on the 1st January 2001 and was turbaned and installed on the 17th January 2001. He has been in office since then.

The tradition title of the Chiefdom is Kumana Chiefdom and the Chief is called PUKGOM KUMANA. (CHIEF OF KUMANA)
The selection process of a chief is adopted by the Kumana Chiefdom is based on MERIT.
The major economic activity of Kumana Chiefdom is Farming. The Kumana Chiefdom currently has eight(8) Districts.

Jere Chiefdom

The history of Jere could be traced back before the advent of the Colonial administration. Jere with over 200years of History is a wall city (Ganuwa) like many other old cities in the Northern Nigeria. Jere had 10th Independent Sarakuna form Jihad of Usman Dan Fodio in 1804 to date. The fact about Jere is indicated in the report of the Colonial administration of Nassarawa province. This was before joining Zaria province in 1916 after the dissolution of Nassarawa Province which incorporated Jama’a, Kagarko, Suleja, Keffi among other independent native administrations.

Ayu Chiefdom


It is on record that Ayu chiefdom establishes its administrative rulership centuries before the arrival of Kabawa slave raiders in 1850, and British colonial occupation in 1903. It is also on record that Ayu had its administrative rulership as distirct since 1900 under the then Nassarawa province. At one time during the colonial period, district that had the same status of leadership as the Ayu were Moroa, Kagoro, Jaba and Kagoma- Yaskwa got their chiefdoms, with the exception of Ayu and Ninzo Districts. The present chief is the 9th after the 1900 era. The chiefdom was officially recognize as third class status in the year 2000 by the administration of His Excellency Alhaji Ahamed Mohammed Makarfi when he was the Governor Kaduna state. As mention above, Ayu rulership existed long before Kagoma- Kaje- Yaskwa as district, but today Kagoma and Kaje (Bajju) chiefdoms have attained the status of First class, while Ayu is still on third class status.