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Tourism in Southern Kaduna

Southern Kaduna is endowed with rich cultural heritage, beautiful sceneries, well-meaning-cultural festivals has in no doubt become a global watch.

Southern Kaduna has its distinctive forms of attracting tourist by a way of having variations in cultural festivals that cuts across the area. One thing remains paramount, is that these cultural festivals promotes unity and strengthens socio-economy activities amongst the people in the areas.

Southern Kaduna has a historical antecedent that gave the area a facelift way back 500 years B.C. according to scholars, Nok is the name giving to the culture of a group of people who lived in what are now the Northern and central parts of Nigeria. The people were the earliest people yet known in this part of Africa who made iron tools and weapons. This must have made the people powerful among less advanced people. Fine sculpture, usually of human forms (terracotta or baked clay) were produced. The people are believed to have had a well-organized economy and administrative system, and that their  culture influenced later people of the region.

Time went by with series of civilizations and modernization, Southern Kaduna not just had Nok civilization but a multiple of other historical and natural sites which includes ; waterfalls (River wonderful) at Matsirga near Kafanchan, Awat Sunzat waterfalls, Kagoro hills(Site of the Legend of the Katangwam foot), Fantswam Resorts, Bara Lodge and leisure camp, Madakiya Heritage resorts, PA Kamrum, Tsok Duhwan.


The government of the state has provided adequate security measures to ensure that the region is rid-off with hoodlums or men of the underworld who perpetrate one form of crime or the other to hamper developmental strides to the benefit of the people in the area.