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About Sok@dWorld

The geographical or better still, geopolitical entity formally referred to as Southern Kaduna (formerly Southern Zaria) is situated within the central high plains of Northern Nigeria. It is located between longitude 5° and 7° east which is mainly within the middle-belt region.

Southern Kaduna is made up of 12 local governments, 60 ethnic communities,30 Chiefdoms 6 of which have First Class Chiefs. Diverse ethnic groups constitute these local Governments areas and the major ones include Bajju, Ham, Oegworok, Atyap, Gbagyi, Gwong, Ninzom, Akulu, Takad, Sholio, Adara and Numana.

Enter Sok@dWorld. A people and place as beautiful as Southern Kaduna needs a voice and conduit through which her songs of pride can be heard and the beauty of her culture seen. This is what Sok@dWorld stands for. A vessel through which the beauty of the Southern Kaduna culture and her people can be seen by the entire world.
Where her children can be praised for their contributions towards her development and the yearnings of the people for development can be heard.
Sok@dWorld is a lot of things to many but simply put, we are everything Southern Kaduna.